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BitCoinFast is a new Decentralized CryptoCurrency that will be used by those that use BitCoin but prefer a faster version. It can take up to an hour sometimes just to complete a BitCoin transaction. BitCoinFast with its 60 second block times can complete a transaction in a blink of the eye. Nobody wants to leave any substantial amount of BitCoin on any given exchange as we have all seen both the biggest and smallest exchanges fold up and everyone loses. Yet there are times when opportunities arise and you need to get a certain amount of BitCoin onto an exchange in order to not miss out on a great price or arbitrage, however after an hour waiting for your BitCoin deposit to confirm those good deals are long gone in most cases. The answer to a situation like that is BitCoinFast. Through widespread adoption and eventually multiple exchanges that will host BitCoinFast that problem will be eliminated. Help us make BitCoinFast the coin with a purpose. We welcome the growing BitCoinFast Community and look forward to mass adoption. BitCoinFast is a Scrypt Hybrid POW/POS with 33 Million POW Coins and a 25% Annual Stake.



Completed: 1/30/2015*********** BitCoinFast (BCF) Rough Draft White Paper Part I ********************


Website (Temporary)


Block Explorer / Crawler



Algorithm: Scrypt [POW/POS]

Total initial supply: 33 Million

POS=25% Annually

Block time: 60 seconds

10 Coins per block | **(100 Coins per Block for first 24 HRS for early adopter)**

Block Maturity: 60 blocks

Pre-mine= 1 Million with 300k going to Cryptex Exchange for having it listed same day its launched.

In regards to POS not working. We were provided with a screenshot of a wallet on 3/13/2015 clearly showing that at least that wallet was still staking. (See below) Also please remember that BCF is an experimental cryptocurrency and is only for entertainment, educational and scientific purposes.


Network-Stake- 25% year

Min Coin Age: 1 day (24h)



Soon to be up there!



Windows!BhEjETgI!YNaqRO0mJ4U9XtJT5MOmrLgsvFZ96sVUt80VhtaTcfo  (There was a bug on the icon display for POS. This link is the the fix)






(If your familiar with Linux please compile your own)


Source Code














(BitCoinFast Team is Not Responsible for failure of any pools)



(BitCoinFastTeam will not be held liable for any failure or catastrophic loss on any exchange that it trades on or not)








           *************************************** The BitCoinFast [BCF] Team ****************************************




I would like to introduce myself to the members of the BitCoinFast [BCF] Core Team and the greater Crypto Community at large.

My name is Nicholas Guccione and I am the youngest son of Bob Guccione the founder of Penthouse and Omni Magazines. I am the CEO of a digital online publishing company that bares my family name; Guccione Multimedia Inc., which is headquartered in the great State of New York.

I have been invited to participate in the BitCoinFast [BCF] Core Team and learn some of the logistics of the CryptoCurrency Industry from a developers perspective. I am to launch what is to be the largest digital project of my lifetime in early Spring 2015! Done in the spirit of my father’s launch of PENTHOUSE magazine in the 1960’s, but my format being digital and the subscriptions and products will have a variety of advanced ways to pay for products and digital content.

CryptoCurrencies will of course be one of the choices. Both on a large, and moreover micro scale for our customers, to enhance their user experience and protect their anonymity to the greatest extent within the law.

Its my hope that BitCoinFast [BCF] is one of the choices of the valued and loyal customer base, that the Guccione and PENTHOUSE brand names have garnished for 50 years.

I am honored to accept this opportunity offered to me by an old friend that happens to be a highly skilled Developer with nearly 4 years of experience in BitCoin. ‘BitCentavo’ is aware that my involvement with BitCoinFastTeam is on a limited basis due to certain time constraints, as well as some legal trademark issues that need some more research in the near future.

I will have account profiles under the username ‘NJGuccione_BitCoinFastTeam’ on [Suspicious link removed] and (The Official BCF Core Team & Community Forum) which is where I plan to spend a few hours a week in short 15-30 minute time spans answering any questions regarding BitCoinFast along with my involvement as a Media Consultant to this great emerging coin; BitCoinFast.

BitCoinFast [BCF] in my opinion, can become a viable CryptoCurrency and a revolutionary financial instrument that has the potential to reach many markets and Industries in the very foreseeable future!

In closing, my thoughts are these: tenacity and focus coupled with patience and hard work, will lead to great rewards to the key players involved in this sector. Keep up the great work, and thanks for having me on the team!


Nicholas J. Guccione





BitCoinFast [BCF] is an experimental Cryptocurrency and is to be used strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. It is not as of yet considered to be legal tender and we do not claim it to be. We request that you seek out the laws in your jurisdiction relative to Cryptocurrencies in general along with other services that are relative to them.

This Terms of Use and Disclaimer completely waves all parties involved in Development, the Official BitCoinFast Website, its content or images or anything else relative to liability or legal action brought on by any individual or groups of individuals. BitCoinFast is licensed by the MIT License and open Source Initiative, Fair Use Act and Creative Commons Licensing.



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